The treasure of Vaise

What exactly is the story behind this magnificent treasure? Did it belong to a family? Was it collected by a merchant? Was it stolen goods?
The composition of the Vaise treasure is remarkable and includes statuettes in gilded silver sheet metal, three dishes in silver, fourteen spoons, jewelry and 83 coins. Some of these coins, which were never in circulation, are real collector's items.

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Silver (hammered, repoussé, poured and molded, minted) gold (jewelry) precious and semiprecious gemstones (jewelry)

Third century

Europe / France / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Rhône department / Lyon / Lyon 9th arrondissement / Charavay

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History of the items

This hoard of precious objects that weighs more than three kilos was purposely buried in the Vaise neighborhood (Lyon 9th arrondissement) around 260 A.D. It was discovered in 1992 in two hiding places dug into the corner of the room in an ancient home. However, the home was rather modest, without mosaics or paintings, which made this discovery even more surprising.

Hiding a fortune to keep it safe

During the second half of the third century, the Alemanni and the Franks invaded Gaul. Worried about protecting their property, many of the residents decided to hide their valuable objects. This explains the large number of treasures found dating from this time.