Access for the disabled

Tactile pathway

Tactile pathway / Lugdunum
Tactile pathway / Lugdunum Tactile pathway © Laurence Danière / Lugdunum


In the context of outreach development and in accordance with the Metropolitan Solidarities Project, Lugdunum – Museum and Roman Theaters makes its collections available to the visually deficient by proposing a tactile pathway.

Within the museum's permanent collections, reproductions in relief of certain of the major works are available, including the Claudian Table, the so-called "Federal Altar of the Three Gauls" coin, a gladiatorial combat depicted on the medallion of an oil lamp, a chariot race scene from the circus games mosaic and the emblema from the Drunkenness of Hercules mosaic.

Implementing this pathway is just a first step. Extending this type of presentation has been planned to make other important pieces from the museum collections available.

Appropriate activities

More generally, various activities have been designed for the disabled according to building access possibilities. Some of these activities are designed for school groups.

The "Fingertip Pathway" tour enables blind or sight disabled students to discover daily life in Lugdunum or games in the city.

The "Word to Word Pathway" tour in spoken French and French sign language with a group interpreter enables children with a deaf or hearing disability to experience what a day in the life of a Roman child was like.

Museum with access for the disabled.

Fingertip pathway / Lugdunum
Fingertip pathway / Lugdunum Fingertip Pathway © Laurence Danière / Lugdunum